Sock It Out screw extractors are revolutionary in that they do not require drilling into the stripped fastener. This saves the end user time, and in effect money! Sock It Outs wedge themselves deeply into the stripped recess, providing a strong, positive grip. Sock It Out is manufactured to be used over and over.

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We offer a wide variety of sizes in all standard fastener applications.

Sock It Out products were developed to save the end user the time, and the headaches, that are associated with using a typical fluted extractor. They were developed by a journeyman tool and die maker who had to deal with the issue of stripped fasteners in a high production, assembly environment. The time that it takes to drill into a hardened fastener (straight!) can be extremely time consuming, if you can even get to the work area without tearing down the application. Using Sock It Outs can save the end user 83%-90% on down time compared to using a fluted extractor. Sock It Outs can fit into smaller areas because they do not require drilling. Our patented design wedges itself into the stripped recess of the fastener for a positive grip and you simply turn out the fastener. You also do not risk any damage to the mating thread when using Sock It Outs, like you possibly can by using a fluted extractor.